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checklist for building a website

Create a business website with 1&1 the easy way

  • Creating a website for your business needs to be done with meticulous attention
  • Some rudimentary questions you need to ask yourself before building a website for your business
  • Finding images and deciding on the structure and layout
Build your business website today

What to consider before you start a website for your business?

check the questions you will ask

Questions you need to ask before creating your business website

First, do you have enough content to build a website? You must have enough information about your company to present. Supplementing this informational content with pictures and basic aesthetic features is a must. The purpose of your business website is to sell your business online. Do you know what makes your business unique and stand out from others on the internet? Focus on what your business does better than others such as faster shipping or no shipping costs. Second, what is your budget? Create a realistic budget for your website that you can hold. This includes paying the website fees at 1&1 as well as external costs for professionally written content and multimedia. Third, how much time can you invest into your business website? Plan with the time it takes to organize and actually update the contents of your website. Keeping your website up to date with fresh content and changes is important. Let 1&1 help you relieve the stress of building your own business website.

Build your business website today
professional business website templates

Create and customize your business website with 1&1 using perfect templates

1&1 provides you with the possibility to create and host your own business website on a small budget. Using 1&1 to build your own business website will make everything easier. Choose from pre-programmed and pre-designed templates to find a perfect fit for your business. 1&1 provides you with a wide array of templates to choose from. Once you have created your website with all the contents and multimedia you wish to add, you can customize your business website to your style before launching it. This entire process takes next to no time, also factoring out the time aspect of your planning. Even updating or changing content on your site is done in a few clicks. Don’t worry about going over budget or spending a lot of time on creating or maintaining your own business website with 1&1. This enables you to focus on the important informational content and marketing of your business website.

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Create your own successful business website. Choose yours from more than 200 industries. Change your website anytime!

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widgets and website features

Add widgets and extra applications

You can add enhancing widgets and application to your website to make it more attractive. Include social media to show your online presence or even build your own image library, where customers can see visuals of your business. The possibilities that 1&1 provides you are endless!

Build your business website today