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Build relationship with 1&1 Newsletter marketing tool

  • Cost-effective way of marketing
  • Easily communicate, create and send campaigns quickly
  • Social media marketing and search marketing in the mix
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Keep your customers up to date with 1&1 newsletter tool

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What is newsletter marketing used for?

Newsletters are becoming more popular as a marketing tool. An email marketing or newsletter marketing is put together by a business to advise, update, notify, communicate and remind their customers and target audience about current events. It is meant to create awareness and stimulate interest towards the business. This is why it can be quite efficient to use a newsletter to promote your business. Besides its function, a newsletter is one of the most cost effective marketing tools used. It doesn’t require large investments like other marketing methods such as advertisement. Being able to send these newsletters to your customers and other prospects via E-Mail, you practically have no expenses. Inform your customers for free with the 1&1 Newsletter tool.

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How do I write a good newsletter campaign?

Writing a good newsletter is a challenging but doable task. It is only challenging because of the different aspects you have to consider. Keeping your readers interested is one of the most important factors. Do this by presenting versatility in your newsletter. Don’t boggle down on one topic, but rather discuss a wide variety to ensure that there is something interesting for everyone. Present correct and accurate information that uses comprehensive vocabulary so that every reader can understand what you’ve written. Most importantly, proofread your content. Nothing discredits you more than having grammatical mistakes in your writing, especially as a business informing your customers.

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How do I use the 1&1 newsletter tool?

Using the 1&1 newsletter marketing tool is simple. All that is required is that you have at least one E-Mail address in your control panel of your 1&1 MyWebsite. This is not a problem due to the fact that if you want to send your Newsletter to your customers, you will need to have their E-Mail addresses to do so. Next access your 1&1 E-Mail marketing tool and click “Newsletters” in the left navigation menu. Click new and enter your newsletter information. Choose your layout and your newsletter is finished. Before sending it to your entire customer base, you can send yourself a test newsletter for quality control purposes. This prevents you from any embarrassing spelling or layout mistakes! Once you have verified the quality of your newsletter, you can send it off.

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