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Web Apps to enhance your website

  • Use 1&1 WebApps to enhance your website.
  • Add such web apps to your business website as a shopping cart, a chat forum, etc.
  • Web apps such as a guestbook, a contact form on your personal website
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What are web apps?

A web app is a web application that can accessed with a web browser over the Internet. It is a computer generates software application that is designed and programmed with such languages as JavaScript and combined most commonly with HTML to make the application accessible via a web browser. Web apps are used as a channel to communicate and exchange information on a website. It has become an important marketing tool for businesses. The web apps can be used as a simple and effective method for starting communication and interaction with customers. Some forms of web apps include online guestbooks, shopping carts, contact forms, and more. 1&1 offers you many types of web apps for any type of website. Whether for personal or business websites, 1&1 has web apps for you to integrate into your website!

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Why should I integrate web apps onto my website?

Web apps serve a purpose for personal, business and ecommerce websites. Customer and website visitor expectations are rapidly increasing. It is no longer enough to simply present yourself with a website. Website owners need to offer something special and attractive. Let 1&1 help you make your website attractive with the web apps we provide! A business website without web apps is not going be a success anymore. You need to integrate web apps to your website in order to meet consumer demands. Without such enhancing web apps as a shopping cart, your customers will not be able to directly buy your products on your ecommerce website. Even the payment process is regulated through web apps such as PayPal. Other web apps like Amazon, Ecwid and eBay will only make your website more attractive. Only through using the 1&1 website apps will you establish yourself as a credible online retailer. For business and personal websites, communication with your visitors is vital. 1&1 provides easy to integrate web apps such as Skype, CalendarWiz, an online guestbook, chat forums and many more to communicate with your visitors and customers. 1&1 has made sure that only the most popular and highest quality web apps are available to customers. Don’t miss out and integrate your web apps provided to you by 1&1 to enhance your website for your visitors and customers.

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How do I implement web apps on my website with 1&1?

Implementing the website apps on your website is easily done through a drag and drop procedure. Simply access your MyWebsite account and go to your easy to manage control panel. Within your control panel you will find a tab where you can add elements to your website. This is where you will be presented with the choice of adding web apps to your website. Just select which of the hundreds of our Web Apps you would like to add to your website and choose a place where you want to present it. That is all! It’s that easy to integrate a web app on your personal, business and ecommerce website using 1&1 Web Apps!

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