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Robin O.

“Need an easier way to get your business online? 1&1 MyWebsite includes everything you need for a professional website with powerful functionality!”

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Robin O.,

1&1 MyWebsite


1&1 MyWebsite

Create your own
success story

Easy to build, easy to edit
professional website!

Professional designs for your industry

Pre-filled text and images for hundreds of industries,
providing a great starting point for your website.

It's easy:

Build your website quickly and easily on your own.
Change the text, images, colors and design with just a few clicks and they're online instantly.

Premium designs

With a few clicks, choose from numerous professional website designs which can be customized to your tastes.

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Fast, convenient editing

Editing your website requires no prior technical knowledge or additional software. Simple drag & drop operation allows you place elements quickly and easily wherever you like.

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Gain inspiration from starter photos and text

With high-quality, pre-filled images and text for your industry, as well as a matching page structure, your website can make a good impression from the very beginning. Of course, our suggested text can easily be changed and you can add your own content, text, and photos. There's also a royalty-free stock image archive with thousands of options!

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Perfect presentation on mobile devices

You can optimize your 1&1 MyWebsite automatically for display on mobile devices with just one click! The display adapts to the optimal screen resolution on a variety of mobile devices, ensuring your website functionality is presented in full.

It's that easy.

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1&1 MyWebsite Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I create a website without any programming knowledge?

    With 1&1 you can easily create your own website without any programming skills. Our website builder offers an easy solution to creating and maintaining your own website. 1&1 MyWebsite has integrated tools that don’t require the user to master or even know any web programming languages such as HTML or CSS. This easy to use system, results in fewer problems and complications during website creation, software downloads, installation or configuration. Using the website builder from 1&1, you will not have to deal with HTML and CSS coding for your website. All that is required is a web browser and an internet connection to access your 1&1 MyWebsite account where you can manage, update, fix or redesign your entire website without having to type one piece of programming code.

  • Can I change the website templates and design easily?

    You can easily change your website design and make it stand out. You can choose your favorite template from hundreds of professional designs. 1&1 MyWebsite offers you a flexible framework containing great templates which are customizable to the needs of your business. After picking your website template, you can change the colors and graphics at any time. Customizing you website is easy and you do not have to master any coding. 1&1 offers you many possibilities of customizing your template’s color scheme, style, font and images the way that you want. Change the navigation of the website or look and feel, elements positioning quickly to make your website appealing to your users.

  • How can I integrate web apps and multimedia content on my website?

    Regardless of what the purpose of your website is for, there will be plenty of web apps available to you. Whether personal, business or ecommerce, 1&1 provides web site apps for every need. 1&1 MyWebsite Apps can be integrated to enhance the functionality of your website. While creating a website, you can easily insert apps such as chats, blogs, message boards, guestbook, picture galleries with a simple drag and drop. With the 1&1 MyWebsite, you use the editor to select where you want to place your pictures or videos on the page. Simply click where it should go, insert the multimedia link or upload the picture, click save and your content is embedded on your website. It is just as easy to delete or change the content as it is to embed it.

  • I created a website. How can I promote it?

    There are many methods of getting people to visit your website. You can advertise your business website through search engines, social media promotion, and mobile ads. By linking your website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr or other such social media, you will have the ability to promote your newly created website and grow your online community for your business. 1&1 Website builder offers a mobile optimization and a social media interface to grow your online presence. Our mobile site builder enables website owners to adapt their existing websites easily for mobile browsers. Whether your customer is visiting your website on a tablet or smartphone, your website will be ready.

  • Now that I have my website online, how do I track its performance?

    You can easily monitor the success of your website with 1&1 SiteAnalytics, a powerful tool that requires no installation or programming skills to analyze your website’s performance. Once you’ve created your website, you need a site analytics tool to show you how customers are getting to your site, what content they consuming, or what your visitors like and dislike about your website. You can choose specific time periods to analyze and the statistics will be displayed visually. By using the 1&1 SiteAnalytics you will be able to answer important questions about your site. Which keywords are users searching to land on your website? Which websites are sending you the most traffic? On what page are customers leaving your site most often? You can also view your site’s statistics on your mobile device and view your website performance at anytime with 1&1 Insights on Android and iOS.