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planning your website before building it

1&1 Websites – Plan before you build

  • Are you going to build a personal or business website?
  • What do you want to name it?
  • How are you going to structure your website and what content is going to fill it?
Finished the plan? Build your website!

Do some planning before you create your own website

selecting a website domain

Select a domain and URL with the 1&1 domain name check and registration.

The first step is selecting and registering a domain name, which will be the URL to your soon to be website. Come up with a list of names that have any relation to what your website is about. Don’t pick anything that is completely random and off topic from your website’s purpose. Once you have your various options of what you want your domain name to be, the next step is registering it. This process is about checking the availability of your domain name because someone else might have already claimed the exact domain name you thought of. 1&1 domain name check and registration help guide you to picking your perfect URL address. Simply type in your favorite choice in the 1&1 domain name check search bar, pick which domain extensions you want (.com, .net, .info, etc.) and click search. 1&1 will check the availability for you and give you all the results. If your domain name is already taken, 1&1 will provide you with alterations of your search. Find and register your domain with the 1&1 domain check and registration.

Finished the plan? Build your website!
various types of websites

Types of websites

There are many types of websites you can build. The main types are personal, business and ecommerce websites. Personal websites serve the purpose of creating a blog or such websites about you, family, pets, hobbies and travels. You can even create a online resume, which is a personal website with a professional touch containing all your typical job application documents such as a resume, references and life experiences. A business website is like its name already reveals for businesses, whether small or big. Show your consumers what your business model is and what you have to offer! An ecommerce website is often also referred to as an online store. We all know these. This is where you can buy products and services directly on a website without having to move away from your computer. Regardless of your purpose, whether personal, business or ecommerce, build your website with 1&1 today!

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navigation and website structure

Navigation and content structure

Once you have your domain name registered and know what type of website you are going to build, figure out how you are going to structure the content and navigation of your website. How will your website visitors browse on your website? Will you use navigation tabs? What do you actually want to publish on your website? Clearly think about what the content of your website is going to be, write it and then insert it onto your website. Also ensure that your website is easy to navigate and find around on. 1&1 helps you organize your website with the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder!

Finished the plan? Build your website!